90 Day Fiancé's Karine Staehle Claims Paul Is Missing In Series Of Bizarre Posts

Karine on 90 Day Fiancé
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Former 90 Day Fiancé stars Karine and Paul Staehle have made quite a few headlines since departing the franchise, and they have struggled with their relationship since leaving the show. Though they were separated for a time, the couple reunited after their two sons were placed in foster care, and they are trying to work on regaining custody. Amidst all of that, Karine has now claimed that Paul is missing and accompanied it with some other bizarre posts. 

Karine Staehle took to Instagram Stories with a shocking update that blindsided those keeping tabs on their lives. According to the Brazilian native, Paul is currently in Brazil, and he has been missing since last night. Karine shared the following message, along with a praying hands emoji: 

Karine message asking for prayers

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Though Karine's message indicated she is concerned for her husband's safety, her behavior on Instagram has been odd, to say the least. Not long after sharing that message, she began to post photos of her showcasing her stomach region, however, she provided no context as to what the photo was for:

Karine showing off bump

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While Paul is allegedly missing in Brazil, it does not appear that Karine is in her home country with him. She posted a video of herself outside of the grocery chain Kroger, which does not have locations outside of the United States. Attached to the video, the former reality star shared "Bom dia," with emojis, which is Portuguese for "Good morning."

Karine at Kroger

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While no updates were given about Paul and his status, Karine proceeded to update followers about her morning. She showcased two sushi rolls that she picked up for breakfast, presumably both of which were purchased at the grocery store: 

Karine posting photos of sushi

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She also showcased a sign seen previously in the photo, which seemed odd given the circumstances of Paul's disappearance. Take a look at the photo, which reads "Live, laugh, love.": 

Karine posting a live laugh love sign

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Paul Staehle hasn't been active on his personal Instagram page as of late, but CinemaBlend did uncover that he liked one of Karine's recent Instagram posts four days ago. He has not interacted with any of the public content Karine has posted as of this morning, as far as I can see, so we hope that he's ultimately found safe and sound in Brazil. 

90 Day Fiancé viewers can revisit Paul and Karine's contentious relationship with a Max subscription, though one could argue the real drama of their relationship started after they left the franchise. Both began posting wild claims about one another, with Karine alleging spousal abuse while Paul posted that she attempted to have him killed. The couple were, at one point, due in court to address these issues and the custody of their children, but dropped all charges and reunited. 

Karine and Paul split again, and at some point, the Department of Child Services stepped in and removed their sons from their care. It's worth noting that during this time, Karine reported Paul missing as well, and there was concern he was attempting to flee with one of their sons. He later returned and surrendered his child while explaining that he wasn't fleeing but looking for a job in other states. The pair reunited once again, but the boys remain in foster care. Hopefully, more details about Paul's whereabouts will surface soon, and he'll be found safe. 

90 Day Fiancé and all of its spinoffs air on TLC and can be binged on Max. We'll see if more information surfaces on this troubling situation and if there's more to tell about what's going on between Paul and Karine.

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