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About the Sabbath of Domestic Peace

In 1993, SaraKay Smullens, MSW, BCD, a Philadelphia social worker and family therapist, began a highly effective pro bono consulting relationship with the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Unit of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, chaired by Mimi Rose, Esq. Both women realized that an unrecognized key to addressing the escalation of domestic violence and abuse was with an outreach program to clergy of all faiths that would provide accurate, integrated resource materials from the fields of law enforcement, social work, advocacy, community service, medicine, psychology, academia, and theology to all religious communities to assist them in bringing physical safety and emotional support to families subjected to domestic violence.

They realized the importance of raising awareness among clergy members of the prevalence of domestic violence, so that they could be effective participants in assisting victims of abuse in their congregations and communities. Mimi and SaraKay formed a multi-disciplinary task force experienced in work with domestic violence. The task force coordinated the most current knowledge in their fields in order to implement their initiative in the most thorough and cohesive way possible.  During the late-1990s and early-2000s, Sabbath of Domestic Peace also held annual interfaith prayer services for survivors of domestic abuse. 

In the years since our founding, domestic violence is becoming more openly discussed in various arenas, but the taboo of family violence still remains.  Sabbath of Domestic Peace continues to reach out to faith communities to combat the stigma and encourage safety.  Currently, the Sabbath operates primarily as a resource for clergy members and social service agencies, providing quality information for these professionals to use with their congregants, clients, and communities.