Kevin Costner's Wallet Might Be Lighter After His Divorce, But It’s Not The Only Thing

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As Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner’s divorce proceedings continue, the Yellowstone star is allegedly ready to get back into the dating game. While this split is costing him a pretty penny, and likely is making his wallet lighter, that’s not the only part of his life getting lighter. According to a source close to him, he’s allegedly lost 15 pounds, and he’s ready to get back out there and find a partner. 

Apparently, Kevin Costner has lost 15 pounds, and he’s getting ready to look for love, Radar Online reported. The report claimed the actor was seen leaving a tailor shop in Montecito, California after getting his pants hemmed, and a source explained that he’s allegedly ready to get back out there, and start dating again. They said:

Kevin's ready to put himself out there once he finds the next suitable lady. He figures the best way to move past this mess is to get back on the dating scene.

Sources also claimed that the Bodyguard star has been really putting the extra effort into his appearance and health. They also alleged that he might “take extra measures” to put his best self forward. 

This update about Costner’s alleged weight loss and motivation to get back into dating comes amid turbulent divorce proceedings between him and his ex-wife. 

While Kevin Costner’s first divorce led to an $80 million payout, and his current divorce likely won’t cost nearly as much, it’s still been incredibly contentious and costly. Back in June, his split from Christine Baumgartner took an expensive turn when it came to the battle over the handbag designer moving out of their home in Santa Barbara and child support. Then, in late July, Baumgartner moved out of their house, and into a building on the same property that was a staff quarter as a temporary solution. 

Overall, it seems like this divorce has been pricey, and to add to this drama, Costner’s monthly spending was revealed. Reportedly, the Dances with Wolves filmmaker earned $19.5 million in 2022, and allegedly his family spent over $6.6 million during that year.  A major point of contention has been over how much the actor will pay in child support. Allegedly, his ex-wife found out how much he was making, and she asked the court to reassess how much he should be paying, requesting an increase from $129 thousand per month to $175 thousand per month. 

Clearly, this divorce is costing both involved a pretty penny. However, on the flip side, it seems like Costner is ready to get back out there, and he’s apparently starting to do that by getting in better shape. 

Along with reportedly working out more and prioritizing his health, both Costner and Baumgartner have been spending quality time with their kids. Both parents took their children on nice vacations, and the Yellowstone star took his daughter to a Taylor Swift concert earlier this summer. 

As this divorce continues, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the state of it and how both Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner are doing outside of it. 

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