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Red Flags

Below is a list of behaviors often seen in people who abuse their partner. If the person has three or more of these behaviors, there is a strong potential for physical violence. In some cases, an abusive partner might have only a couple of behaviors that are quite strong (e.g., extreme jealousy). In the beginning of a relationship, the abusive partner will try to “explain” these behaviors as “love” and “concern”. However, as time goes on, these behaviors become more extreme and serve to establish, keep, and strengthen power and control over the victim:

    • Extreme Jealousy (accusing of having an affair, monitors clothing and make-up)
    • Extreme Possessiveness (constantly asking where you are going and who you are with)
    • Unrealistic expectations (expecting the partner to be perfect and meet of his/her needs)
    • Social Isolation from family and friends
    • Cruelty to animals and children
    • Bad temper
    • Unpredictable behavior
    • Injuries and excuses for the injuries
    • Frequent absences from school or work
    • Personality changes
    • Accusations of having an affair
    • Blaming others for everything
    • Aggressive behavior