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Resources for Abuse Prevention

There are a variety of sources where you can learn about prevention of abuse and domestic violence. 

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A Room Full of Men 
Male violence toward women is nothing new.  Authority of men over women -- and the rights of men to take action to enforce their authority -- have been approved for centuries by civil and religious authorities world wide.  In ancient Rome, a man had the legal right to kill his wife; in medieval times, the Church considered wife beating a means of "cleansing the body and soul" of a disobedient woman.  Eighteenth century English law stated that a man could legally beat his wife as long as the stick he used was no thicker than an average man's thumb -- the "rule of thumb".  While legal and social support for male violence is less blatant than it once was, the abuse of women goes on.  Linda Macleod (1980) states that one in ten women experiences violence at the hands of her partner. 


A Room Full of Men is a film about male violence toward women and about men who are struggling to understand and change their violent behavior.  The first part of the film examines the dimensions of abuse and its roots in values and beliefs which promote and sustain the authority of men over women.  The second part focuses on men who are participating in a program to help them stop their physical and verbal violence toward their wives or partners.  These men are working to change the belief systems which underlie their desires to control the behavior of the women who share their lives.  Running time: 48 minutes. 
For information call 717-859-1151 

The Crown Prince 
"I just wanted to be like you, Dad.  Now I'm scared that wish just may come true." 

Billy is 15.  For most of his life his family has kept a deadly secret -- a secret of violence and of fear.  Billy knows what it means to be a victim.  But when the secret is told he comes to an explosive realization about what it means to be "just like dad."  A powerful drama looking at the real and pressing problem of wife assault from the perspective of the children, The Crown Prince explores the difficult choices which have to be made -- and how the cycle of violence can be broken.  Screening time: 37 minutes 41 seconds. 
For information call 717-859-1151 

Broken Vows:  Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence      Parts I and II  
Broken Vows, a two-part video program, is intended for clergy, congregations, religious educators, and staff of battered women's programs and human service agencies.  Three aspects are focused upon: (1) understanding the dynamics of domestic violence (2) supporting individuals experiencing domestic violence through the cooperation of religious and secular communities; and (3) developing programs for the prevention of domestic violence.  Broken Vows is divided into two segments:  Part I (37 minutes video time) addresses the various aspects of the problems and situations of battered women;  Part II (22 minutes video time) discusses possible clergy and congregation responses to these problems.  Throughout both parts, the viewpoints of formerly battered women, clergy, psychologists, and shelter workers are examined.  It is recommended that there be two separate study sessions, each of two hours' duration, to allow attendees to absorb the information presented in Part I and formulate questions prior to viewing Part II. 

The vocabulary in the videotape and study guide was selected to reflect a diversity of religious traditions.  The phrases "clergy and lay leaders" and religious leaders" are used throughout the materials to refer to those who act as representative of the church or synagogue in any capacity: priest, deacon, minister, pastoral counselor, rabbi, parochial minister, pastoral associate, lay ministers or religious professionals such as those involved with youth and in religious education. 

For a more extensive, half-or full-day training session, or an additional training, refer to the curriculum guide, Violence in the Family: A Workshop Curriculum for Clergy and Other Helpers (Marie M. Fortune, Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 1991). 
(For video call: (206) 634-1903, Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence) 



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