The Nun 2 Has Screened, And The Latest Conjuring Sequel Has Moviegoers ‘Jumping In Their Seats’

Taissa Farmiga and Storm Reid in The Nun 2.
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It’s been an exciting summer at the theater, with moviegoers having plenty of good options to escape from the sweltering heat. The end of the run of blockbusters can only mean one thing — the spooky season is upon us, and The Nun 2 is set to kick things off with a bang when it hits theaters September 8. The ninth installment in the chronologically confusing Conjuring universe has screened, and those who were able to get an early look at Taissa Farmiga’s new horror flick are taking to social media with their reactions. It looks like audiences can prepare themselves for some pretty good scares this time around.

The Conjuring series is considered one of the best horror movie franchises, and The Nun 2 will try to add to that reputation. Taissa Farmiga is back as Sister Irene, and while we don’t know if that means there will be a connection made between her and sister Vera Farmiga of the 2013 movie based on the real-life events of Ed and Lorraine Warren, what we do about The Nun 2 is that it’s a direct sequel to 2018’s The Nun. If these reactions are any indication, it sounds like a fitting kickoff to fall.

CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg notes that The Nun 2 continues the franchise’s trend of providing sequels that are better than their originals. In his words: 

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Shannon McGrew of NIghtmarish praises director Michael Chaves and Akela Cooper, who created the story and co-wrote the screenplay, saying there’s a scene that will make fans “scream with joy/horror.” September 8 better hurry up and get here, because she can’t talk about anything else but this movie, she says in a tweet: 

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BJ Colangelo of SlashFilm agrees with the others who saw an early screening that the sequel is better than the first movie, though there are some minor plot issues. Colangelo calls Bonnie Aarons a “treasure” and says the addition of Storm Reid (Euphoria, Missing) is a good one. The writer tweets: 

Enjoyed The Nun 2 more than the first, and a few scares had me jumping in my seat. Storm Reid is a welcome addition to The Conjuring Universe, even if the story felt like three different films fighting for the main plot at times. Still had a blast and Bonnie Aarons is a treasure.

While The Nun was too bogged down with lore, the upcoming sequel is way more fun, according to Tessa Smith of Mama’s Geeky. Smith joins several others in imploring audiences to be sure to catch the mid-credit scene, writing: 

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In fact, The Hashtag Show writes that the mid-credit scene alone is worth the price of admission, which sets some pretty high expectations. They tweet: 

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Germain Lussier of Gizmodo agrees with others that Michael Chaves and company upped the scares for this sequel, and its two stories come together for an amazing third act. More from Lussier: 

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Brian Davids echoes the thoughts of his comrades in terms of how the movie stacks up to its predecessor and says that The Nun 2 adds to the greater universe of The Conjuring in a big way in its exploration of Irene and Maurice. Davids tweets: 

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Many moviegoers are describing The Nun 2 as "fun" with more scares and a better story that the first movie. This newest addition to The Conjuring franchise sounds like a good way for horror fans to kick off the scary movie season when it hits theaters on Friday, September 8. Be sure to also check out our 2023 Movie Calendar to see what else is coming soon, including all of the upcoming horror movies.

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