Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights Is Getting An Exclusive Purge Show, And It's Given Me An Idea For A Sequel

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For the most part, this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event seems to be bringing the same set of thrills to everything new at both Universal parks. However, that tune has changed with the latest news out of Universal Hollywood, as an exclusive stage show spectacular in the world of The Purge has been announced. While that’s exciting news on its own, this announcement has also given me an idea for a sequel, and now, I’m even more pumped to learn what happens in this new theme park experience.

The first Purge movie

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The Exclusive Purge Show Heading To Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Parks and Resorts have freshly announced the existence of The Purge: Dangerous Waters; and it already sounds like a thrill and a half. Below is the official synopsis for this new parks experience from the world of writer/director James DeMonaco’s creation. Fans of the series will do well to take note of certain details in the rundown you’re about to read, which comes from an official press release highlighting this event:

It’s been a decade since The Purge first declared all crime legal for 12 hours as part of the government’s annually sanctioned Purge and an iconic horror franchise was born. Now, for the first time, 'The Purge: Dangerous Waters' takes the blockbuster film franchise into an entirely new environment…open waters, in an all-new live show. It’s a race against time when a politician and his entourage escape to an island to avoid The Purge. Sanctuary is fleeting when the island is quickly overrun by Purgers and the hunt is on. Located in the WaterWorld venue and featuring adrenaline-filled action sequences, stunts, spectacular lighting and laser effects, high fall fire burns and massive explosions, 'The Purge: Dangerous Waters' celebrates an evening of anarchy without thought of punishment or fear of retribution.

Based on how The Purge works, as well as the timeframe of The Purge: Dangerous Waters putting this installment at a decade past the original film, it sounds like this unnamed political player isn’t all that important. At the very least, he fails to meet the older requirement of being a “ranking 10” government official, which was only repealed as part of The Purge: Election Year’s 2040 presidential election. As you can see, there’s already a window for die-hard fans to start wondering just what to expect. 

And yet, there’s more fun that awaits past the slightly far-flung future we saw in The Forever Purge’s ending. Just as the name of this new Universal Studios Hollywood show experience implies, the next step of this series feels ripe to enter one of the most claustrophobic settings ever: a cruise ship on open water.

Masks in The Purge: Election Year

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It’s Time For A Purge Entry Focused On The High Seas

Stick with me on this, but throughout The Purge movies, we’ve seen murder tourists flock to the United States in order to purge and purify without consequences. While James DeMonaco already has ideas for a Purge sequel’s setting, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a high-seas adventure to take place in this universe.

As we’ve seen in previous entries, the timeline of The Purge movies in order has some pretty big gaps that could be filled with a tale like this one. Roving gangs of deadly tourists could make short work of plenty of victims with this pleasure vessel occupying the United States waters, but being far enough to make a swim a perilous journey. 

Using the same sort of “survive the night” formula, we’d have a more enclosed field of play; similar to what we saw in The First Purge. But at the same time, this would obviously have to take place before The Forever Purge, as that story’s Ever After Purgers have forced the United States into the next civil war. 

Obviously, there would need to be some careful thought as to how this hypothetical scenario fits into the overall structure of The Purge universe. Even if it doesn’t take place on a cruise ship, seeing an entry that uses open water as its playground of carnage is something that could take this saga to the next level. 

Bringing it all back to the present, you can catch The Purge: Dangerous Waters only at Universal Studios Hollywood. Kicking off on September 7th, you’ll probably want to secure your tickets and snag your spot for the next round of The Purge's adventure. Just remember to watch it with someone you trust watching your back.

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